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 Constitution of the Dark Reign Alliance

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Princess Layara
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PostSubject: Constitution of the Dark Reign Alliance    Thu Jul 29, 2010 10:34 pm

Constitution of the Dark Reign Alliance


A. Form of Government

The Form of Government of the Dark Reign Alliance is Feudalism, it is ran by means of ranks. Without these ranks, peace may not be bestowed upon the Dark Reign Alliance. This form of government keeps everything in balance.
Dark Lord/Lady of the Sith (Queen of the Dark Reign Alliance)

The Dark Lord/Lady of the Sith is the superior authority over the Dark Reign Alliance. He/she divides the sectors within the Dark Reign Alliance by appointing a Thane, who are given authority typically over planetary systems and in some cases sectors to govern. The Dark Lord/Lady has the final word on any matter and anyone with noble rank or office can petition to gain audience with the Dark Lord/Lady to discuss problems, although this is not needed.

Overlord Regent
The chosen manager of all Regent issues. This individual is a regent him
or herself but is afforded greater flexibility as to manage the
resources given to the Dark Reign Alliance from other regents. This individual is
also responsible for directly visiting Regents to request resources or
to inquire on why specific resources are short in coming.
The Overlord Regent is the highest position other than the Dark Lord/Lady of the Sith. He or she is referred to as your Lord/Ladyship.
The highest nobility rank within the Dark Reign Alliance. There can be up to as many Thanes, each with a responsibility of a planetary sector. Thanes are overseen by the Overlord Regent. All Thanes sit on the Sith Council. Each Thane, typically, holds the position of either Grand Chancellor, Grand Admiral (or Grand Marshal), or Grand Inquisitor. These nobles manage the day to day operations of Dark Reign Alliance sectors.

The masters of their domain. These nobles provide governance over their sectors and planets and provide needed resources to the Dark Lord/Lady's
military. The Sith High Council appoints Lord Regents. The Lord Regents are permitted to divide their own regions up into sections and develop their own court of nobility within their domains. The power and influence of each noble extends only within their allotted fief or territory. Typically the Lord Regents will appoint Dukes.

B. Founding Document

The Code of the Sith stands as the Dark Reign Alliance's Founding Document. The Code of the Sith resembles whom the Dark Reign Alliance is and what it precisely stands for.

Peace is a lie, there is only passion.

Through passion, I gain strength.

Through strength, I gain power.

Through power, I gain victory.

Through victory, my chains are broken.

The Force shall free me.

Death Legions of the Dark Reign Alliance


The Dark Legions of the Dark Reign Alliance is composed of the Sith Military a.k.a. Sith Army, the Sith Navy, the Knights of Korriban, Kissai Directorate, the Sith Intelligence Network, the Starfighter Corps, the Sith Battle Droid Brigades, the Slave Brigades, the Hssiss Scout Commandos, and the Customs and Slave Adjustment Bureau. All of those combined, establish the Death Legions of the Dark Reign Alliance. The Death Legions are under superior command of the Council of the Dark Lords of the Sith, but specifically the Dark Lady or Queen of the Sith/Dark Reign Alliance.

Divisions & Ranking of the Death Legions of the Dark Reign Alliance


The Grand Army of the Sith includes Sith Military Personnel include Grand Admirals, Generals,
Captains, Lieutenants, Troopers, Mercenaries, Scientists, Special
Forces, Weapons Developers, and all the other brave men and women of
innumerable species. Everyone has their own role to play. Commanders are
the overseers. They look at the big picture and oversee operations on a
macroscopic scale. Officers have more specialized tasks and often
appear in the midst of battle alongside troopers. They bridge the gap
between an admiral on his command bridge, and a squad of troopers
raiding an outpost. Finally, the soldiers hold the lowest ranks, but
collectively make up the body of the military. They include combat
fighter pilots and battlefield support personnel in addition to the
generic Sith Trooper. Most mercenaries and commandos also fall under the
category of soldier.

Here are some helpful hints on disambiguating ranks.

1. Soldiers
are basically all non-commissioned officers (NCOs) within the Sith
Military. Most soldiers are the well dispersed, gold armored Sith
Troopers. Although they are no longer usually on active assault duty. Mercenaries and
other individuals who are heavily involved in combat are also considered

2. Scientists and researchers are generally placed into a branch of the and given an appropriate rank and commission.
Their work is highly valuable to the Sith Military, even if they never
see a battlefield.

3. Officers are mid-level combat personnel and
range from the crimson armoured Sith Commandos who oversee their golden
inferiors on the battlefield, through lieutenants and other petty
officers on the bridges of capital ships. Scientists and miscellaneous
personnel are also often considered officers.

4. The commanders
are the highest ranking individuals. Many Sith commanders were high
ranking officers in the Imperial Remnant before joining the Sith.
Captains of ships and Army Majors are the lowest ranking commanders, and
the highest are the Grand Admiral and Grand General. Although officers
generally command forces appropriate to their rank, it is not uncommon
for Generals to command Naval fleets and Admirals to command ground
forces. This versatility is necessary in a system where the army and
navy are combined into one cohesive unit.

Naming Procedures of Ships

The Military is so important to the sustaining and advancement of the Dark Reign Alliance that ships are almost viewed as holy. As such, special naming
ceremonies have been developed to regulate the naming of vessels. These
procedures apply only to Sith Warships when they become a part of the
Sith Assault Force.

The Ritual

Any Sith may name a capital ship. This does not include acolytes.
Standing on the bridge, the Sith meditates on his knees, extending his
presence throughout the ship and filling its crew with the dark side.
When the entire ship has been inundated with dark power, the name will
come into the Sith’s mind, and he will pronounce it. The name shall be
recorded and delivered to the archives via the ATTAC network. Each ship
class shall have a certain naming formula.



Specific responsibilities of the Sith Navy a.k.a. Sith Starfleet includes defending Dark Reign Alliance citizens from space-based threats such as pirates, smugglers
and other armed governments, enforcing Dark Reign Alliance will, and overseeing
commerce through customs and blockade operations. The Sith Navy also
performs orbital bombardments, transports major ground force deployments, and supports them with space and aerial support. The Sith Navy conducted itself by the Sith Naval Code, a set of martial laws and regulations created to guide the massive navy organization. Under the Non-Human rule, the vast majority of personnel in the Sith Starfleet are male Humans, although some Human females, and even other species were also in the service.

The Sith Navy uses an overall strategy of focusing on capital ship
fire-power rather than starfighter superiority. This is reflected
through the design of their starships, the formation of their naval
units and the overall organization of the force.


An individual command, a single starship, is the building block of the Sith Starfleet. Achieving command of a starship, no matter its size, is point of pride in an officer's career. Officers commonly turn
down impressive staff promotions in the hopes of receiving a ship
command, although serving as a staff officer on a prominent starship,
such as a squadron flagship, is often considered a fast track for
The Supreme Command of the Sith Navy or Sith Starfleet lies in the hands of the Sith Supreme Admiral.

Sith Navy Intelligence

The Sith Navy Intelligence is a branch of the Sith Starfleet/Navy and is used to collect information discretely, they only take orders from the Council of Dark Lords of the Sith. However, the Sith Navy Intelligence reports to the Admiral of Sith Starfleet.



The Sith Intelligence Network also known as the Sith Intel, Sith Intelligence Division, Bureau of Inter-Sith Investigation, or even the Sith Intelligence Agency, acts as the elite branch for intelligence of the entire Dark Reign Alliance. It acs as one of the primary divisions within the Death Legions as well. It is an institution dedicated to collect information, secret and otherwise, for the Dark Reign Alliance Government. It is headquartered by the Sith Intelligence Headquarters.


The network makes use of covert operations which it uses to spy on its enemies as well as itself and other branches of the Dark Reign Alliance. Sith Intelligence also works closely with the security forces of the Sith Palace at certain points. They are also responsible for watching the activities of various governments, corporations and other forces in the galaxy. Furthermore, they keep an eye out for any notable mercenary, bounty hunters and other outlaw activities.

Sith Intelligence consists of eleven subdivisions:

* Ubiqtorate
* Adjustments
* Internal Organization Bureau
* Analysis Bureau
* Crisis Branch
* Bureau of Operations
* Inquisitorius
* Intelligence
* Special Intelligence
* Sector Plexus
* System Cell

The agency also contains its own Media division known as the Sith Social Network that issupposedly a "civilian" branch of the organization.

Like their counterparts in the Sith Security Bureau, some Sith Intelligence personnel makes use of a military-style system of ranks similar to those of the Sith Military and Starfighter Corps. Available sources identify officers with the full range of Army ranks, and confirm their presence in the Analysis Bureau, Sector Plexus, and the Bureau of Operations' Destabilization Branch.



The Knights of Korriban are the elite force of the entire Dark Reign Alliance, they protect the Capital Planet of Korriban when requested by the Dark Lord or Lady of the Sith, they never fail their missions and are very secretive and discrete. The Knights of Korriban strictly takes orders from 2 people; the Dark Lord/Lady of the Sith or the Overlord Regent which is the 2nd superior of the Dark Reign Alliance.

Procedures & Codes

Code Red:
All Knights of Korriban are to be at arms and report to the Dark Lord/Lady of the Sith on a Hologram immediately. At this time, most ships are prepared.

Code Yellow: Stay on high alert, defences are to be fully-operational and plans are to be developed in case of attack.

Code Green: Everything is as it should be, normal day-to-day operations are to continue and regular security over Korriban may process.


The Knights of Korriban needs some type of "inner" leader which is the Lord Knight of the Knights of Korriban. He is to be responsible if any one of the Knights of Korriban die and will be punished. The Lord Knight reports directly to the Dark Lord/Lady of the Sith which gives the Lord Knight orders. The Lord Knight will turn these orders into commands and the Knights of Korriban are to follow. The Lord Knight is to hold up the principles of the Korriban Knights at all times.

Facilities of the Dark Reign Alliance

Sith Academy


The Sith Academy is located on Eriadu, ancient home world of the Sith
species, and location of the infamous Valley of the Dark Lords. You
will find lots of rocks, sand, and blood.



2. Catacombs: Place to sleep and store belongings.
3. Catacombs: Place to sleep and store belongings.
4. Archives: Holocrons, data disks, and more are kept here.
5. Throne Room: Dark Lord spends most of his time in here. Enter at your own risk.
6. Training room: Large and spacious.
7. Interrogation Chambers: Complete with several Force Cages and torture devices.
8. Ante Chamber: Links to all parts of the academy grounds. Often used as a lecture hall.

The Sith academy, is not so much of an academy as it is more a
gathering place, a base, a head quarters, whatever you want to call it. Although you think there is just a big entrance to go about your business and enter, there is not. The walls of the Sith Palace are so tall, starfighters may "nearly" run out of fuel travelling all the way up to the top. A hidden entrance is the only way to access the Palace, other than that you will not be able to enter this beautiful structure.

Sith Arts Academy


The Sith Arts Academy is a specialized academy merely for Sith Members to draw Art. So everyone else thinks, it is truly used as the supplement for the Castle of the Dark Lords, this location is not revealed to those which do not obtain status of a Sith Council Member or higher. Those below those rankings see nothing of the Sith Arts Academy. The location of this Academy remains secretive.

Images of the Sith Arts Academy

The Building

Dueling Arena



1. The entrance and exit to the Sith Arts Academy.
2. Grand Corridor
3. Lightsaber instruction room.
4. Stealth Quarters (A room of stealth, no one can see it unless the Dark Lord/Lady of the Sith uses the Sceptor of Ragnos to reveal the stealth chambers)
5. Communications Room
6. Common Area
7. Armory
8. Brawling Room
9. Small Antechamber
10. Stealth Tactics and Application Training. (STAAT)
11. Barracks.
12. Dueling Arena.
13. The throne room.
14. Support bridges.

There is a secret passage between areas 2 and 12 for the personal use of the headmaster.

Any area not mentioned is reserved for training and instruction or used for barracks depending on the amount of those enlisted.


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Princess Layara
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Posts : 514
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PostSubject: Re: Constitution of the Dark Reign Alliance    Sat Jul 31, 2010 6:46 pm

The above is hereby the Supreme Law over all Territory owned by the Dark Reign Alliance of the Sith. All planets hereby within the range of the Dark Reign Alliance are theirs, surrender or be destroyed.
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Constitution of the Dark Reign Alliance
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