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 Grand Temple of the Sith Dark Reign Alliance

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PostSubject: Grand Temple of the Sith Dark Reign Alliance    Thu Jul 29, 2010 7:53 pm

The Temple

(Picture to Come)

Foundation Speech

"Upon this day, I hereby declare the first Dark Reign Alliance Temple to be formed upon the Planet of Eriadu. Let it be known that this temple represents the true value of the Dark Reign Alliance and the loyalty between the Galactic Alliance and the Sith Order/Empire. Shall the Sith Dark Reign Alliance eternally reign".

Description of Temple

This temple is filled with over 20 Sith Padawans, day-by-day training towards being one of the Greatest Sith Marauders and soon Sith Masters ever. The Temple is heavily guarded and a hi-technological security system is implemented safely protecting it. In order to access it, you must inform the guards who you are and also will be required to place your hand on a Scanner which will see if you are truly a Sith or not.
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Grand Temple of the Sith Dark Reign Alliance
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