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 Revan's Bail

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PostSubject: Revan's Bail   Mon Jul 19, 2010 11:24 pm

"Many of you think Revan is a good person, the Sith have possesion of all of his posessions, any items he has bought tha arent in your direct control yet are ours, unless you will pay us for them, he is in a Sith prison block in a secret location, those of you that like him can help to pay the bail of 2,000,000 Credits, if you fail to comply, on Augest 1st (Next month) i will raise the bail to 5,000,000 then i will keep raising it 2,000,000 Credits every wekk after that, he will not be able to give you items untill he is freed" i said
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Revan's Bail
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